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RNTC is an internationally renowned media training institute. RNTC has been bringing career-changing experiences and skills to media professionals in many countries for 45 years. Its high quality training combines powerful theory with rigorous professional practice to create courses that go far beyond traditional methods of media training.

For some of our courses there are NFP or MSP scholarships available.
Apply between 3 February and 27 March 2015!

In the spotlight

RNTC will be making a big impact in China in the coming years. In early January 2015 RNTC proudly became the official training partner of the prestigious Jinan University, based in Guangzhou in China. RNTC will be training Postgraduate students of the International Journalism Masters degree, in Guangzhou and in Hilversum. Staff of the Journalism, Media and Advertising Departments of Jinan university will be trained in RNTC’s unique approach. Read more

Comedy makers, producers of magazines for women, campaigners and reporters, you can now apply for a course at RNTC. We've designed a set of unique courses to help you increase your impact on your audience. There are NFP and MSP scholarships available for all of them.

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Good news! Nuffic opened up the tailor-made training programme again. Organisations based in NFP countries can apply for funding up to € 75.000 (joint submission with another organisation) or up to € 200.000 (proposal will go to tender). 

This means your organisation can apply for a tailor made media training at RNTC and get full funding for it! Don't pass up this great opportunity and apply with your local Dutch embassy before March 1st! Read more