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RNTC is an international training institute based in the Netherlands serving media professionals working in broadcast, print and online media. RNTC has over 45 years of experience in short focused courses tailored to the needs of mid-career professionals in journalism and media. In everything we offer, our guiding principle is ‘learning by doing’.

In the spotlight

Are you interested in one of these five RNTC courses in 2015 and does your work and experience qualify you? Check whether you meet the criteria for a full NFP or MSP scholarship and come study in The Netherlands for free!


Applications for both scholarships open on Thursday 4th September and can be submitted up until Sunday October 26th. For those who have already applied at RNTC please note that the procedure for applying has changed. More...

Peter Veenendaal will leave RNTC at the end of August. Veenendaal (56) has been General Manager of the training centre since 2010. Much has changed in these four years. Peter will be missed here at RNTC!
What feelings will prevail, as he closes the door behind him? 
‘I am going to leave RNTC with a heavy heart. It is so rewarding to see how colleagues from all over the world change during their stay at RNTC. And how they return home, full of ambition, armed with new knowledge and skills. That’s what makes working at RNTC so great.’ More...

From 2015 you will be able to follow our world-renowned training online. It will have the same quality and levels of support as our face to face training, plus some new courses that will only be offered online. RNTC’s career-changing experiences are about to become more accessible than ever, making it easier and cheaper to join the worldwide network of successful RNTC graduates. Make 2015 the year you put yourself ahead of the competition, through training with us online!

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